Are you frustrated? Did you loose interest in your commercial Cleaning Company? Do you lack time freedom?Are you being pulled in to many directions?

Don't give up we can help!!!!!!!!

When I was trying to grow my commercial cleaning business I was at my absolute lowest, most frustrated point in my life. I was extremely overworked, and completely overwhelmed with running the day to day operations. 

For Example:

Training staff members on new policies.

Ensuring each location are stocked with supplies.

Responding to customers service requests in a timely manner.

Creating estimates. 

Interviewing new hires.

Picking up and dropping off supplies.

 Conducting one on one interviews.

In order to achieve time freedom and growth I had to make a change, from going to every job, completing multiple task, and training every employee one on one. I had to shift from one on ones. In order to create a more scalable business model I conducted research, to find the right tools to help me. 

Which led me to creating an online cleaning course for my staff. At that point I felt free, and had time to do the things I wanted. 

I went from wanting to give up on my business, being frustrated, to having more time freedom. Now I enjoy time freedom and choose to work with who I want while growing my business.